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I try to always look at the many viewpoints that a topic will have, but I always try to err on the side of fairness, and compassion. Sometimes, I fail spectacularly at this... and it's fairly comical. But I do firmly believe that if everyone in the world respected each other, than we'd have a better world for our children.

As it stands, I am in my 20's and I am of a generation of up-and-coming adults who are very different than our parents. We very much are a counter-culture, but in a way that isn't 60's or "hippie" oriented. Our beliefs are what make us radical: Fairness for all, equality for all, peace for all.

We're a generation that is wary of unrestrained capitalism, even though we acknowledge that it's given us what we have. We're also wary about selling our lives to a corporation when we've seen our parents do the same thing -- only to be cast out 30 years later to be replaced by... well... us. We aren't stupid, we've learned our lessons from our parents.

Also, one of my favorite hobbies is to insist there are puns in sentences that contain none... just for fun :)

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